AUGUST 11TH, 2018






The Wood City Music Festival is a Christian music festival intended to bring God glory, share the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and to unite The Church and the people of Carlton County.


In 2013 a handful of faithful and obedient people began to meet with the intent of praying for everything. As the months passed word was given that what was going on was A House of Prayer and that it should be called such. So began The Cloquet House of Prayer, otherwise known as CHOP. In a short period of time God impressed on the heart of one of the people involved in CHOP that He wanted a Music Festival in Cloquet. CHOP took a year and prayed into the festival and simultaneously began the process of planning a music festival. God made it clear He didn't want just another Christian music festival rather, He wanted one that looked like Him. CHOP had to discern, through prayer, what that was to be. It was decided there could be zero corporate advertisement at the festival as on the day of the WCMF the ground of Veteran's Park becomes Holy ground used only to bring God glory.


None of the "CHOPpers" had ever been involved in the planning of a music festival which meant it was learn as you go. It has been quite an exciting experience which has brought both tears of joy and disappointment. The Wood City Music Festival has brought together and united people from different communities as well as different church bodies all working for the glory of God. The Wood City Music Festival is devoted to placing God first in all that is done in the planning of each years event as well as during the three days of set up, tear down and the actual festival.


God has shown His joy in a number of ways. The first year, after Sunday community service in Veteran's Park, He fed hundreds of people with the provisions for ninety or less. The second year brought rain, wind, tornadoes, and lightning to the county but He answered prayers and either parted the storms or simply dissipated them before they got to Veteran's Park. It was amazing! The third year He brought miraculous physical healing to a number of people, and each year has seen many people give their lives or rededicate their lives to Christ.


The WCMF is one hundred percent volunteer run while being fiscally backed one hundred percent by donations. God has blessed the WCMF with more and more people that want to bring and share the Good News as well as people and businesses that have a heart to bless the Festival with goods, and services, and finances.


The people God has been using to bring the Wood City Music Festival to Cloquet, Mn are dedicated to serving Christ and serving the community three hundred and sixty-five days of the year.


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